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Ship's Stability and Trim

Avocet has designed this Ships Stability System for Mac, Microsoft and Mobile Units.
Written with the present mariner in mind, Our Apps/Program give easy access to functions with user friendly input boxes and buttons. The basic idea is to have one single program which can run on Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows , iPhone , iPad , Android and Tablets alike. There are two types of Stability program , One is generic where the user must input (or import Data from Excel) ship's data and the other is customized solution where the user provide the hydrostatic information to us and we then create a custom App . We also provide class approval.
Avocet Stability and Trim App comes with a clear, easy-to-use and dynamic graphical user interface. Cargo loading operations using the user-defined cargo database and taking into account various load limitations. It enables user to load cargo using the stylus or finger and accolate the exact spot on Deck. Customized solution comes with the Bending and Shear Force Option. Avocet offer free mapping of GA Plan.

Bundle Prices: Ranges from $ 6.99 to $ 575 for customized solution

Please Select your ship type

For Small OSV

Stability and Trim for Offshore Supply Vessel
$ 14.99 - $ 435


Stability and Trim for Medium sized OSVs
$ 14.99 - $ 435

Panamax General Cargo

Small 2-3 Hatches Tween Decker
$ 4.99 - $ 335

New Panamax General Cargo Vsl

Large General Cargo Ship with Tween Decks
$ 6.99 - $ 335

Bulk Cargo

Bulk Cargo Ships No Tween Decks
$ 6.99 - $ 545

Product Carriers

Stabiliy and Trim for Product Cargo.
$ 6.99 - $ 545


If you need any special preferences please contact us and we shall answer within 24 hours